“The Next Generation Tripod”

No matter how high the image quality with a tripod, there is no movement quality. Cineped enables you to deliver high-value cinematic movement.


“The extreme professional in extreme jobs”

Mitsubishi Car Commercial shot with Cineped in Sydney, Australia

“Features of Cineped”

• Provide new production value

  • – Side to side move (tracking move)

  • – Forward to backward move (dolly move)

  • – Transitional movement

  • – Zolly move (push in + zoom out)

  • – Twirling move

• Become an expert of camera movement

  • – Just push, pull, slide, turn and swing the camera
    or combine for new perspective

• Stay competitive

  • – More favorable position than competitors

  • – Get paid more and make profit

• Improve production quality with precise camera movement

  • – Timeless quality

  • – Visual variety

• Unique and effective

  • – Combination of slider rotation and fluid head rotation
    mechanism creates new axis of motion

  • – 3 for the price of 1
    (Our Quattro / 4 leg replaces standard tripod, baby and hi-hat)

Idea of movements using Cineped

Outcome or results of movements using Cineped

“Cineped & Camera Techniques”

Smooth slight camera movement guarantees quality of production and enhances production value.

With Cineped, you can produce highly accurate linear movement like side to side, back and forth as well as particular movements or change of directions during a shot. By simply:

  • – pulling...move away
  • – pushing...move forward
  • – sliding...move side to side
  • – swinging...circular movement around an object
  • – seamless transition...change of position with continuous movement

Smooth slight camera movement creates more visual depth, deeper emotional feelings, more visual variety
than PTZ camera movement (pan, tilt, zoom).

Behind the scene interview with Cineped at Fox Studios
Raphael Smadja/DP using Cineped for music video on location in UAE
Joe Barnes/DP and Producer using Cineped for Gold Guys commerical
Kyung Chul, Kim/DP using Cineped to shoot a TV drama in Seoul, Korea.
Movie shoot in Hollywood using Cineped slider with Fisher dolly

Independent movies, commercials, TV-productions and music videos are using Cineped to create dynamic emphasis with
slight moving shots such as:

  • – matching move...as the actor moves, camera moves
  • – counter move...the actor and camera move towards each other
  • – invisible move...only a few inches movement over-the-shoulder
  • – revealing move...use foreground as a barrier, then move into a subject
  • – angular position...new framing

Cineped handles Arri Alexa, Sony F-55/5, Red One/Epic, C300 Canon cameras and any type of fluid head 150/100mm.