Camera Support Industries, formerly known as Digital Hollywood, was founded in 2005 by Chol Kim located in Los Angeles, California.

Chol Kim has 30 years experience in the Motion Picture and Television industry. He was a valued employee at Ikegami Electronics USA and a Technical Director on 70mm movies. In addition, Chol was a System Integrator and an early Developer of camera-mounted remote helicopters

Chol's vast experience led him to the realization that today's film-makers needed a new camera support product that incorporates the ease of a typical tripod with a camera movement associated with an expensive, heavy, crew intensive dolly.

Manufacturing a precision bearing slider combined with the super sturdy 4 legged support, Camera Support Industries (C.S.I.) developed the Cineped, a movement oriented camera support, perfect for use on high quality live productions, music videos, commercials, features and all cinematic projects calling for exceptional camera movement.

Addressing the needs of professional film-makers motivates Camera Support Industries to constantly develop and bring forth the right products.

Our speciality is designing and manufacturing "the next level of Tripod."

Mar 04, 2013 We are exhibiting Cineped at the NAB 2013 BandPro Booth # C10408
(April 6-11, Las Vegas Convention Center).
Dec 19, 2012 Cineped entered into an Exclusive Distributor Agreement for Middle East Region, USA with Dodd Camera
Dec 19–20, 2012 Cineped demoed in Chicago, IL for the first time
Dec 17–18, 2012 Cineped demoed in Atlanta, GA for the first time
Dec 13, 2012 Cineped exhibited at Band Pro Film & Digital One World Open House 2012
Nov 14, 2012 Cineped was introduced by Sanwa Group in Japan during the INTERBEE show (Nov 14-16)
Jul 28, 2012 We were invited by Directors Guild of America (DGA) for special exhibition on 'Digital Day 2012' event.
Mar 10, 2012
Apr 01, 2012 Start delivering new Cineped / Quattro.
Sep 16, 2012
Jun 19, 2011 Cineped was used in Miss USA Pageant aired by NBC-TV.
Mar 14, 2011 Cineped was used for independent 3D production in New York.
Feb 27, 2011 Cineped was used for Cirque du Soleil 3D production at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Sep 01, 2010 Cineped / Studio Version was introduced at Cinegear Expo, Paramount Studios, Los Angeles.